Need a rich hosted business phone system 
that grows when your company grows? 


Features previously only affordable by large companies are now at your fingertips and able to be set up real time in a live web portal. With the change in technology came the transformation in the way we communicate, revolutionising phone system technology. Creating more efficient and reliable systems such as Cloud Solutions, with new advanced IP Desk Phones from basic features to advanced and cordless solutions.




*Special Offer * 

 Trial the service before signing up!

Plans from as little as $35 per month plus GST

Cloud PBX works off the internet and therefore is reliant on a good stable internet connection. We can supply and install a couple of test phones at your office.
This will allow you to trial the service for a few days to check the voice quality
and try out a few of the features.
These trial phones will be registered against numbers on the 
All in 1 Communications account and therefore calls made will be of no cost to you.






"I can work from home and still have our main phone number come to me. I could be sunning myself on a beach and as far as the caller knows I am sat at my desk. It has made picking up calls for our after hours service easy. Gary was fantastic with the setup and nothing is too much trouble. He’s always just a phone call or email away if I have a query. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend All in 1 Communication to any business, big or small."


Jenco Electrical Limited

- Gillian Cook -