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We have the following refurbished phones in stock:

Alcatel-Lucent 4029 Digital Phone:

This Alcatel-Lucent 4029 Digital Phone can only be used on a Alcatel-Lucent Phone system. It is equipped with an integrated alphabetic keyboard which provides easy access to the “call by name” function via the company directory and to messaging services. Alcatel-Lucent 4029 Digital Phone. 

Key Features of the Alcatel-Lucent 4029 phone
handset Include:

  • Adjustable graphical display – 64 x 128 pixels 
  • 6 multi-function display keys used for accessing phone apps,
    system features and dynamic telephony feature access while on a call 
  • 2 personal keys/LED 
  • 4 directional navigator 
  • Standard handset 
  • Alphabetic Keyboard 
  • Direct access keys for voicemail 
  • Directory 
  • Mute and redial 
  • 60-degree foot-stand 
  • Speakerphone 
  • Volume Keys 
  • Mute Key 
  • Dial by Name 
  • Headset jack 

 Alcatel Lucent 4019 Digital Phone:


This Alcatel Lucent 4019 Digital Phone can only be used on a Alcatel-Lucent Phone system. It is an incredibly affordable phone that still allows you to access voicemail, system speed dials, bi directional navigator to scroll and 6 feature keys with LED lights! This allows you to see at a glance what 6 staff and/or phone lines are doing at any given point. 


Key Features of the Alcatel-Lucent 4019 phone handset Include: 



  • One line 20 character LCD screen (75 x 
  • 12mm) 
  • Black and white display 
  • Display to see who is calling 
  • 6 LED programmable buttons phone lines and/or staff 
  • Easy to use 2 way navigator for different features 
  • Extra DSS consoles available for up to 120 buttons. 
  • Large multi coloured buttons for frequently used functions 
  • Easy access of up to 3000 speed dial numbers 
  • Loudspeaker for paging to (not hands free speakerphone) 
  • 60 degree foot stand for easier upright usage (option) 
  • Wall mountable (option) 
  • Much more…. 



- 1mth Warranty 


- These photos are only for indication 




We can provide service and support for this PBX. if you have any questions
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